In memory of Thomas R. Kowalsky, Charter Organization Representative

Cub Scout Organization


A council is a voluntary association of citizens who implement the Scouting program within a specific geographic area. It provides service, leadership, management, and overall direction to districts and the organizations using the Scouting program in support of their Scouting units. The council employs professional Scouters who serve as advisers and provide guidance to volunteer leaders. Pack 172 is part of the Connecticut Yankee Council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Our Council has a service centers located at 60 Wellington Road in Milford.  We do recommend that you visit the council’s website at http:///


Each council is divided geographic areas called districts. The purpose of the district is to work with chartered organizations to organize and support successful units, including training adult leaders, planning district activities and obtaining financial support. Pack 172 is in the Pomperaug District comprising of Bridgeport, Easton, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford, Trumbull, Weston, and Westport. The district provides leadership, training, support, and guidance. In addition to district events for area Pack’s, our district also holds Monthly Roundtable meetings for leaders each month.


A Pack is a group made up of many dens – Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scout dens. The Pack includes not only the boys and girls in the dens, but also their families and leaders. The Pack is the level at which an organization “charters” a Cub Scout unit. Pack 172 is chartered by the Stratford United Methodist Church and has been since 1988. Our Pack however has existed since 1942 and was originally chartered by the now closed Garden Elementary School.


A den is a group of four to eight boys or four to eight girls within the Pack, usually at the same grade level, that meet on the second and third weeks of the month. The den organization allows boys to build relationships with leaders and other boys and girls to build relationships with leaders and other girls.  While our boy dens and girl dens are separate, they will often operate together to work on their adventures.  The Den is led by an adult Den Leader and one or more Assistant Den Leaders.  When possible, a Den Chief from a local Boy Scout Troop is also assigned to a den to assist both the scouts and the den leader.   Our Lion and Tiger Dens work as Scout/Parent teams to complete their adventures.

Pack Volunteer Leadership

The Pack leadership team consists of the Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Committee Chair, Den leaders, Assistant Den leaders, and Committee members. All of these people are adult volunteers. All leaders of Cub Scout Pack 172 are registered with the Boy Scouts of America and have completed Youth Protection Training in addition to countless hours of position specific training provided by BSA. In accordance to BSA rules and training, our Pack strictly adheres to the two-deep leadership principle.  At minimum, two registered adult leaders, or one registered leader and a participating Scout’s parent or another adult, are required for all meetings, trips and outings. One of these adults must be 21 years of age or older.

Charter Organization

Stratford United Methodist Church (SUMC) is the charter organization for Pack 172 and has been since 1988. As the charter organization, they provide us with a place to hold monthly Pack meetings and other events. Membership in Stratford United Methodist Church is not a prerequisite for joining Pack 172.

Charter Organization Representative (Registered Position)

This person is the liaison between the Pack, the chartered organization, and the BSA. They make sure that the chartered organization is aware of what the Pack is doing and coordinates activities between the chartered organization and the Pack.

Pack Committee Chair and Asst. Committee Chair (Registered Position)

This person works to have all committee positions filled, call and preside at regular monthly meetings of committee and supervise committee operations. He conducts the annual pack program planning conference. The chair also maintains close working relationships with leaders – keeping them informed of activities, advancement, camping, and training. He sees that the charter application is completed and turned in to council office before the expiration month. He supports the policies of BSA.

Cubmaster (Registered Position)

The Cubmaster is the guiding hand behind the work of other pack leaders and serves as program adviser to the pack committee. The Cubmaster works directly with the pack trainer, Den leaders, Pack committee chair and members to make sure that all Dens are functioning well. He leads the monthly Pack meeting with the help of others. He helps plan and coordinate the Cub Scout program with committee and den leaders at monthly pack leaders’ meeting. The Cubmaster is a recruiter, supervisor, director, planner, and motivator of other leaders and supervises the recruiting of new boys. Our Cubmaster is entering his 4th year as the leader of our pack and his 16th year involved in Scouting.

Assistant Cubmaster (Registered Position)

The Assistant Cubmaster shares the responsibilities with the Cubmaster in all aspects of the Pack functions, paying particular attention to ensuring the Den leaders have what they need to run smooth Den meetings. The Assistant Cubmaster fills in for the Cubmaster if he is not available.

Den Leader/Assistant Den Leader (Registered Positions)

The Den Leader is responsible for planning and conducting den meetings, tracking advancements of boys within the den and assisting the boy/parent team in achieving Scout rank requirements. The Assistant Den Leader assists in planning and conducting Den activities. The Assistant Den Leaders fills in for Den Leader when necessary.

Pack Treasurer (Registered Position)

The Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the Pack. The Treasurer also prepares an annual budget and supplies a monthly financial status at the committee meetings.

Fundraising Chair (Parent Position, Non-registered Position)

The Fundraising Chair is responsible for coordinating approved Pack fundraising activities. We typically have our Popcorn Kernel and Camp Card Coordinator.  The fundraising chair will oversee these events and help guide the Pack towards other potential fundraising opportunities.

Pinewood Derby Race Commissioner (Parent Position, Non-registered Position)

This person is responsible for the coordination and planning of the annual Pinewood Derby for Pack 172. He or she oversees the pick-up and distribution of the car kits at our Christmas Party and works with committee to plan and conduct the event including decorations, set up, awards, food and activities.

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