In memory of Thomas R. Kowalsky, Charter Organization Representative

If you and your child are interested in joining the Cub Scouting adventure, we invite you to visit us at Pack 172.  We hold our regular meetings Wednesday nights at Stratford United Methodist Church at 2500 Main Street, Stratford, CT. Check out our calendar for our next meeting time. We are located beside the Stratford Fire Department and Stratford EMS main stations just across from Stratford High School and Stratford Town Hall.

Winner of the Pack’s 2018 Fishing Derby with our Cubmaster at Deer Lake.

You and your child are invited to visit any of our meetings and events without obligation or payment of fees upfront.  We want you, your son or daughter, and your family to be completely comfortable with joining our Pack before we collect any fees or file your registration.

What’s the Cost?

When you and your child are ready to join Pack 172…the cost to join our Pack is $110 per year which includes registration, insurance, and awards/activities patches for your Scout for the year.   Other additional costs spread over the Scouting year include participation costs for specific campouts, events, and activities.  To help families fund Scouting, we conduct several annual fundraisers – Popcorn Sales, Coffee Sales, Camp Cards and Dining for a Cause.  Your participation in fundraisers is completely your decision.  If you prefer to pay fees out of pocket and not take part in the fundraisers, you are free to do so; however, we have many kids in our Pack that fund their entire Scouting adventure for the year through participation in the fundraisers.  Your Scout earns a portion of what they fundraise and that money is placed into a scout account that they can use to pay for Pack activities.

Members of our Pack Family roasting marshmallows at a Spring Campout

In addition to fees, your son will also want to eventually get a Cub Scout uniform.  A new, complete Cub Scout uniform costs $75 to $125 depending on your fabrics, sizes, and style selections.  In addition to purchasing new, there are several other ways to gather a full uniform for your Scout. eBay is a great resource, sometimes uniforms can be found at thrift stores and our Pack is proud to maintain a uniform exchange program (learn more here) where many children are able to get all or part of their uniform for free.  You can find more detail about BSA uniforms by age and program at Our Cub Scouts wear the blue uniform thru their Bear year and switch to the tan for their Webelos and AOL years.

Also, Pack 172 is fortunate to have philanthropic support that allows us to never turn a child away due to financial need.  Through our Pack fundraisers, uniform closet, camperships and financial gifts from supporters, a child from a family of any financial position can be a Cub Scout in Pack 172. Please contact the Cubmaster if you feel you need assistance. In Scouting, a Scout is Thrifty. What does this mean? It means that our Pack does its best to enable our Scouts to pay their own way. We do this through several fundraisers throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining, please reach out to our Cubmaster ( or you can sign up for our Pack online by following this link. Pack 172 Online Application

Please join us next Wednesday night!  We look forward to your visit.

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