In memory of Thomas R. Kowalsky, Charter Organization Representative

Pack Funds / Registration Fees

Our pack is funded in two ways. The first way is that $110 registration fee that we collect at Recharter time. This fee is broken down as follows: $33 to National, $24 to Council, $5 for insurance and $13 for Scout Life Magazine.  The remainder goes to cover Pack functions such as awards, patches and adventure loops/pins your scout(s) earn throughout the year. The remainder of the funds needed to operate the Pack come from our fundraisers.  We plan several small fundraisers throughout the year to generate the funds the pack needs.

Our Registration fee is $110 for a twelve month period. Generally September to August of the next year. National, Council and our fees are prorated. Insurance and Scout Life subscription do not change.

Pack Dues

Each scout is responsible for bringing 1 can good for donation at our Pack Meetings.  These are due at every Pack meeting.  On occasion, we will ask for a different item such as toiletries or other donations. The primary purpose of paying “dues” is to teach our Cub Scouts a lesson in responsibility. By them having to remember dues and earning the money themselves at home the learn the value and importance of the money you pay to fund their scouting adventures.

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