In memory of Thomas R. Kowalsky, Charter Organization Representative

I’m not a Cub Scout Leader for the easy hours, high pay, parents’ gratitude, power or prestige.
I’m a leader because I want the world for your son and mine, to be a world he can shape; a world of love and laughter, where he can show compassion. I want him to be able to look at the stars, a sunrise, a sunset, the work and world of man – and feel their beauty inside himself. I want to help him to learn to finish anything he starts and do it well and to guide him to know his worth with a deeper understanding of himself. I want to help shape men who have the strength of character and are sensitive to others. I want them to be the best they can be. I give of myself and my time. Reap rewards far beyond what I give. I receive for my children and future generations a better world. I am a Cub Scout Leader because I care!

J.L. Arnett – Founder – 1941

Sigmund Rutkowski – 1956

Thomas P. Anderson – 1958

Edward Govan -1962

Joseph D. Feda -1965 -1973

Fred DeMatteo –

Renato Tornfigla – 2010-2012

Frank Stirna – 2012-2014

Patrick Hughes – 2014-present

Note: Unfortunately, this list is incomplete. We do not have solid records for all of these years. If anyone notices an error, please contact us to let us know!

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