In memory of Thomas R. Kowalsky, Charter Organization Representative
Spring Campout

Spring Campout

This past weekend our Pack camped at our home away from home in town, Roosevelt Forest.   We had to cancel our Friday portion of the Campout and postpone our recycled rain gutter regatta.  Overall it was a great Campout.   Our Scouts learned about campfires, scout games and scout songs.  We kept our Campout  low key giving the boys plenty of free time to explore and be creative between structured activities.  They didn’t waster any free time and many of the boys worked together building a bushcraft fort together.  

A youth built bushcraft fort!

It was great to see the Scouts work with each other, all using many of the skills they’ve learned this year. We all learned a new skill as our Scouts and their families learned to cook hotdogs over the campfire.  Much like a marshmallow, it just takes a little practice to keep the hotdog out of the ashes.  

Yummy Hotdogs!

We rounded out our Saturday evening with a Campfire program and marshmallows!  We made this campfire special by recognizing the hard work our Scouts have put in over the last year.  Each of our dens earned the rank they’ve been working hard on all year.  Congratulations to all our newly minted Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos.  We even painted the faces of our den leaders this year!  

Enjoying our post campfire marshmallows.

Our Pack also inherited a new tradition this year.  In 1907, on Brownsea Island in England, he conducted the first Scout Camp for boys.  At the end of that camp, he gave some the ashes from the camp fire to each of the boys and kept some for himself. Legend says he did this at all ceremonial camp fires. The ashes have been passed from one to another now for 100 years.  Just Imagine. 100 Years of campfires, friends and fellowship.  The ashes from our ceremonial campfire will be mixed with ashes that have a long history and I will provide each Scout with a baggy of ashes and the list of every campfire those ashes had contributed too.

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