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Why have a Cub Scout uniform?

When you see someone in a uniform, you know that person belongs to a specific group.
A police officer wears a uniform, and so does a doctor or a firefighter.
As a Cub Scout, you wear a uniform too!

Our uniform is important, and not just because it shows that we’re Scouts.
It represents that we’re equal, displays all of our individual achievements,
and reminds us of our commitment
to our duty to God, loyalty to country, and helpfulness to others.

Learn more about the uniform below and at this link.

What is the Cub Scout uniform?

The uniforms are different for each grade level a Cub Scout is in.
But they each have a distinctive shirt and the iconic neckerchief that’s held up by a slide.



If you are a Cub Scout in kindergartner, you wear a unique t-shirt with the Lion logo, a distinctive tan neckerchief and slide, plus a special Lion hat. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 5.03.27 PM.png


If you are in first, second, or third grade, you will wear a blue shirt, blue belt, and a neckerchief & slide in the correct color for your rank—orange for Tigers (first), yellow for Wolves (second), and blue for Bears (third). You can also wear a matching hat for your den.



Fourth and fifth grade Webelos Scouts can choose between the blue Cub Scout shirt or the tan Scouts BSA shirt that the older Scouts and leaders wear. All Webelos Scouts will wear the Webelos neckerchief, which is yellow, blue, and red plaid. A matching Webelos hat is optional.

Purchasing a Uniform for your New Scout?

Here’s all that you need to know:

Where Do you Buy Uniforms?

Cub Scout Uniforms can be purchased at the
CT Yankee Scout Shop located at
60 Wellington Road in Milford
online at

What do you Pack 172 Scouts need to buy for their uniform?

Lions (K)
Blue Lion t-shirt ($10), tan Lion neckerchief ($10), and gold/tan Lion slide ($6).
Optional: blue bottoms, blue Lion cap.

Tigers (1)
Blue Cub Scout Uniform shirt ($25), blue Cub Scout belt ($10), orange Tiger neckerchief ($10), gold/orange Tiger slide ($6), and patches* (see below).
Optional: blue bottoms, blue/orange Tiger cap.

Wolves (2)
Blue Cub Scout Uniform shirt ($25), blue Cub Scout belt ($10), yellow Wolf neckerchief ($10), gold/red Wolf slide ($6), and patches* (see below).
Optional: blue bottoms, blue/yellow Wolf cap.

Bears (3)
Blue Cub Scout Uniform shirt ($25), blue Cub Scout belt ($10), light blue Bear neckerchief ($10), gold/light blue Bear slide ($6), and patches* (see below).
Optional: blue bottoms, blue/light blue Bear cap.

Webelos (4 & 5)
Tan Scout Uniform shirt ($30), red plaid Webelos neckerchief ($10), bronze Webelos slide ($6), blue shoulder loops ($4), and patches* (see below).
Optional: green bottoms, green/plaid Webelos cap.

Three red/white “4” unit numerals ($1.50 each), one purple/white World Crest ($2.30), and one CT Yankee Council patch of your choice ($3). 

How much do uniforms cost?

The total cost of the required uniform pieces listed above for first through third graders is about $60.
If you want to build a uniform over time, start with the neckerchief and slide, which can be worn to meetings over any shirt.

If assistance with uniforms is needed, please few our Uniform Locker Policy and ask the Cubmaster

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